Advice on How to Keep Your Job


Congratulations!  You got a job! Here’s how to keep it:

Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Be willing to schedule appointments and make copies.  When you decide you’re too good for that your boss will stop asking you  for help and you’re going to end up being fired because they don’t need you.

Beware of gossiping.  Be careful what you share with other people.  Your co-workers are not your best friends.   80%  of your interactions should be professional and productive.  Leave a small amount for quick venting or a recap of your weekend.

Be prepared.  It might mean working extra but you’ll be more informed for asking pertinent questions and offering new ideas.

If you don’t know something, don’t be afraid to admit it.  That’s how you learn.

Pay attention to detail.  Realize you have to earn people’s respect.

Don’t just be anybody at a desk, be a someone with a career.

By: Janet Hershman – Senior Staffing Consultant & Recruiter at Imprimis

Janet Hershman currently holds the position of Senior Staffing Consultant/Recruiter for Imprimis.  She has over 22 years of experience as a Recruiter in the Dallas area.  At Imprimis, she recruits for office, accounting, bilingual, customer service, medical, mortgage and banking, and professional positions.  Janet attended the University of Texas where she studied Radio and Television. To contact Janet, email