Breaking Through The Glass Ceiling

Post Written by Valerie Freeman, CEO of Imprimis Group

Since there is still gender disparity in the workforce, what can be done to help women overcome barriers to achieving top leadership positions in corporate America?  I have discovered in the membership of the Executive Women’s Roundtable to which I belong, that many of our executive women are the “only woman at the top” of their companies.  At least they have made it to the top.  For many corporations in Dallas, there are no women at the top.  In looking at research and articles on the subject, it seems that companies are not doing enough to transition women into the C-Suite.  Best practices include:  Providing professional coaching and mentoring; providing assignments which promote growth and development; planning, tracking and managing the process.

Finally, the disparity may have something to do with perception:  A recent study by Bain & Co. showed that only 48% of men felt that gender parity to be a workplace imperative compared to 83% of women.  To me this indicates a need for continued chipping away at the status quo.