Make 2019 a Career Year with These 7 New Year’s Resolutions

resolutionDo you want to get a new job, advance within your company, or develop capabilities that make you more valuable to any employer? Your success in 2019 will depend on establishing clear and measurable goals and then holding yourself accountable. At Imprimis Group, we have seen many people flourish in their careers by making these commitments and pursing them with passion and vigor.

Here are seven resolutions with specific action steps to make 2019 the best year yet in your career.

Update Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the digital hub of your professional brand. It’s where employers and recruiters find you and learn about your qualifications and achievements. Because LinkedIn is so well-established, the standards for what constitutes a strong profile have risen steadily. Your profile should be up to date with your latest accomplishments and skills. It should have a recent professional head shot and a headline and summary that will get you noticed and appreciated by leaders in your industry.

Once these elements are in place, continue to be proactive on LinkedIn. Make it your goal to read five of your competitors’ profiles each month. Note their content and tone, and see if your peers are doing anything with their profiles that you could do to enhance yours. Finally, use the platform to track employers that have shown a potential interest in you, and use LinkedIn to enhance your industry knowledge and professional network. If you’re not checking in at least monthly, you could be squandering a valuable career opportunity.

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Build Your Professional Network

We know that not every competent and productive professional loves mingling at networking events. There is a pressure to perform in these settings that is enjoyable for some, but anxiety inducing for others. Nevertheless, having a broad, diverse network of professionals in your city and in your industry is essential to your success.

Building a professional network is a steady task, not one that you undertake when you need a job. Develop your network on LinkedIn, through user groups, and in the real world through industry luncheons, conferences, professional development events, and Meetups. Make a habit of carrying your business card and introducing yourself when unexpected opportunities arise. Resolve now to add five contacts each month to your network. The more you incorporate networking into your routine, the more natural it will become. You may even start to enjoy it! (We do!)

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Get Your Annual Career Checkup at Imprimis Group 

Self-assessment has its limitations. Just as your doctor can do a better appraisal of your health than you can by looking in the mirror, Imprimis recruiters can help you assess where you are in your career. We can work with you to develop an action plan to reach your 2019 (and beyond) career objectives. Maybe you would like to enhance your skills, earn a salary in line with your qualifications, or take on leadership challenges. Give us a call and let’s talk about what’s going on in your industry in DFW, and what you need to do to find greater fulfillment in your career.

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Update Your Resume with New Accomplishments and Skills

When was the last time you updated your resume? If it has been more than a few months, it’s been too long. You never know when an opportunity may arise, and you don’t want to have to update your resume under pressure.

We recommend keeping a continuous record of your accomplishments on the job and adding new bullets to your skills and education as well. Think about any technical or software skills that would enhance your employability, management skills that you could pick up in a workshop, or even a language you could learn to expand your opportunities. Review your resume this month, highlight areas that need to be updated, and mark down any opportunities for development. Then aim to add 2-5 bullets by mid-year. Work on your cover letter as well by custom-tailoring it to the specific opportunities you seek.

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Develop Your Leadership Capabilities

To move up the corporate ladder, by promotion or through a new job, your focus today should be on developing your leadership capabilities. At work, talk to your supervisors about taking on greater challenges and be opportunistic when new first quarter initiatives are launched. Take on new projects, document your successes, and don’t be afraid to modestly highlight your victories to management. Develop closer relationships with your boss, talk about your goals, and solicit feedback at regular intervals. Promotions don’t just come from hard work; relationships need to be nurtured as well. Outside of work, read books and take courses to further develop your leadership capabilities.

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Invest in Professional Development

On job interviews, employers have many subtle ways of finding out what you have invested in your own career. There are few better indicators of motivation and work ethic than a professional’s commitment to self-development. Join your employer’s mentoring program, read industry publications and books, attend industry conferences and events, and meet in person monthly with industry peers to make sure you are staying current with your knowledge and skills. Once you are on track in your professional development, make a resolution to Cultivate Your Professional Brand with a WordPress or Squarespace Website.

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Clean Up Your Computer Files

Establishing early momentum is an underappreciated key to following through with New Year’s resolutions. For this reason, you need one goal that you can accomplish as soon as today. Most of us have old, obsolete files in our work computers that slow us down and chip away at our productivity. Organize your digital files and clear out the clutter.

Bookmark this article, gain some positive momentum right away, and you’ll be sending yourself a clear message that your 2019 resolutions aren’t just clichés. You mean business!