Why Joining a Professional Association Is Essential to Your Success

professional associationImprimis Group is one of the largest staffing firms in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. In more than 30 years, we have seen hundreds of thousands of job candidates, and we have had the pleasure of watching many of them grow in their careers.

One of the hallmarks of professionals in all of the niches we serve—from accounting to human resources—is membership in a professional association. We have encouraged many job seekers to join their respective associations, and we often receive emails and letters telling us the impact this advice has had on our candidates’ careers.

Now, we are passing the same advice along to you: No matter how busy you may be, make the time to join and actively participate in an organization of your professional peers for these career benefits:

  1. Keep Up Your Industry Expertise

If you are working on assignment with Imprimis, or are a job candidate, you are working in a dynamic, continuously changing industry. Whether your industry is accounting, with its changes in the tax code, non-clinical healthcare with its changes in the health insurance landscape, or human resources, with its continuous flow of regulatory precedents and changes, you need to keep up your industry expertise. Being active in a local chapter of a professional association not only keeps you up to date, but ensures that you are aware of the issues that matter most where you work – in DFW!

  1. Professional and Leadership Development

Associations provide professional development opportunities in myriad ways. You may take advantage of accreditation, licensing, and certification training programs to increase your leadership and earning potential. Volunteering for projects can help you develop skills and expertise that you are not gaining in your present position. Reading journals and newsletters published by your organization will help you learn about advances in your field as they happen. And if you are so inclined, you may want to take advantage of public speaking and writing opportunities that enhance your communication skills and give you exposure to key people in your industry, in your city.

  1. Networking

Most associations have weekly or monthly meetings and an annual conference. These meetings, as well as local events and projects, provide an ideal opportunity to mingle and get to know your professional peers. Unlike the occasional networking event, association events don’t have the pressure (or the stigma) of needing to network. The presumption people have is that you are passionate about your field and want to meet like-minded people for friendships and professional relationships. It’s a much more natural, relaxed way to network than is typically available through other channels.

  1. Mentoring

If the formula for success is equal parts what you know and who you know, then what could be more valuable than a professional mentor? We have also seen how impactful mentoring has been in the careers of many of our candidates. It isn’t easy to find one on your own, but through an association, it is quite likely that you will find someone who is willing and happy to provide valuable career guidance. In times of uncertainty, it is comforting to lean on someone in your field with experience for advice. Just be willing to “pay it forward” as you become more accomplished.

  1. Access to Unadvertised Jobs

Where can an employer find highly qualified and passionate professionals, with a demonstrated commitment to their field? Because associations attract the most committed professionals, they also attract members in a position to hire them. These are often unadvertised, competitively compensated positions that professionals outside the association never find out about, unless they happen to meet a member who just landed the job.

Joining your professional association is just one of the career-enhancing tips we can offer you as an Imprimis candidate. If you’d like to learn more about open positions in your industry, contact an Imprimis agent today. We’re here to help.