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Supply Chain Analyst

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Imprimis Group is seeking a Supply Chain Analyst to join a top company in HVAC services! As a leader in HVAC Services, they have built a reputation for innovation by continually researching, developing and delivering quality HVAC products. Come join this growing team!  



  • Responsible for improving the performance of an operation by figuring out what is needed for a certain project and coordinating with other employees - such as engineers and quality assurance professionals to implement and test their new supply chain methods
  • Must be able to look at substantial amounts of data and problem-solve why problems within supply chains exist
  • Some sample projects a supply chain analyst could be tasked with are improving the management structure of a warehouse stocking program, restructuring how material goods make it to the corporation's warehouse, and helping expand on a company's relationships with suppliers and carriers
  • Must also be able to translate business problems into a solution for information technology (IT) technicians and working with SAP analysis tools to find patterns and root causes to problems.


  • 6+ years of Supply Chain experience 
  • Experience with project management, organization, analytical supply/demand analysis
  • Knowledge of SAP and/or other Planning/MRP systems
  • Obtain, analyze and interpret supply chain relevant data
  • Use analysis results to improve supply chain processes, performance and to reduce costs
  • Perform analyses with this data using analytical models and mathematical analysis.