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Placement Process

Matchmaking is our business

Placing you in your dream job is our most important job. That’s why we’re active in over a dozen industries spanning four markets to locate the best opportunities for our applicants and associates. We also work tirelessly to match each employee’s specific work ethic, personality and skills with employers who will appreciate and reward them. Best, of all, we take care of all the logistics associated with the job search. From scheduling interviews to locating freelance needs, we cover every detail. We employ a series of proven tactics to help get employers’ attention, showcase your skills and prepare you to shine in the candidate process.

Resume and Work Sample Review

We conduct thorough interviews with applicants and associates to ensure that you possess the right combination of work experience, personality traits and work ethic to meet employers’ requirements. We also help you compile a proper resume to exhibit your skills and experience, as well as a portfolio of work samples in your craft – to prove that you can deliver results.


In order to provide our client’s with the best candidates, Imprimis performs a background check on each associate which may include some or all of the following:

  • Criminal background
  • References
  • Credit check
  • Education
  • Driving record
  • Military records


Every candidate must pass our exclusive TeST process to verify their skill set and proficiency in leading industry software. We created this proprietary program to ensure that our applicants and associates are up to speed and ready to jump into their assignments.

Ongoing Review

We remain in contact with both clients and associates during and after an assignment to ensure everyone involved is satisfied with the placement.

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