DFW*ATW Women Who Leap

Introducing focused, targeted sessions for women who are ready to take a leap into their next adventure.  Come learn how you brand yourself, share your profile and network effectively with experts. Interactive Working Session which will cover the following topics: … Continue reading

Ambitious Career Goals? These 5 Books Will Empower You

At Imprimis Group, we’re not just passionate about connecting great professionals with great companies. We’re just as fascinated by all of the ingredients that contribute to organizational and individual success, so we’re avid readers of business and career books. As … Continue reading

Women, Risk Aversion Could Be Hurting Your Career

When you’re starting out in your career, you have student loan debt and very little in the way of finances to support career risk-taking. So you think to yourself, “I’ll gain skills, experience, and a solid financial foundation. I’ll put … Continue reading